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Our Services

Being our clients´ project our focus, we obtain a detailed understanding of their needs and work together to achieve the desired outcome beginning to end, from electronics design and high precision manufacturing, concept to production to supply chain management.

SMD production
SMD production
Traceability production
Traceability production
Production analysis
Production analysis

HW & SW Development

Our Engineering team has extensive experience in the development of Hardware and Software solutions, allowing us to collaborate with our clients from the conception of the project where we define the design of the PCBA, selecting the most suitable components through specialized tools, carrying out the validation of the product and managing the project from its placement into series production to the management of its obsolescence.

Production Analysis

To avoid that a product may have a risk of being inefficient in time and production costs, at P4Q, we work with DFM (Design For Manufacturing) and DFT (Design for Testing) and we carry out feasibility studies aimed at defining the optimal process for its manufacture and testing, from product conception offering our customers the most competitive solutions to fit their needs.


It is essential to evaluate and verify the design as well as the correct performance of a product or project in the prototyping phase and our prototype manufacturing service is aimed at achieving the demanding manufacturing deadlines required in the development and validation phases of a product, reducing the Time-To-Market of our customers.

The manufacturing of prototypes is carried out with fully demonstrative means of mass production by our expert personnel.

To complement prototyping solutions we offer:

  • Vapor Phase Oven IBL
  • X-ray 3D validation
  • Climatic chamber and aging tests
  • Test by Flying Probes
  • DFM and DFT audits


P4Q provides different solutions in accordance to the needs of product verification, ranging from integrated AOI, 3D optical tests in all our SMD lines, electrical (ICT), to high level tests (Boundary Scan, JTAG), or X-Ray, through functional and hybrid testing.

The test strategies for the product are established in conjunction with our client, developing DFT (Design for Testing) that guarantees the optimization of both test investments and process times.

Our clients have direct access to test results, values and traceability of the units.


We have locations across the world in USA, Europe and Asia, situating our manufacturing plants strategically to provide market-focused services, cost-effective, high-technology manufacturing solutions that deliver innovation for our clients. Fulfilling the most strict quality standards, our global team of professionals work alongside our clients throughout the design and engineering process, whether we’re managing a turnkey project or filling a specific development necessity.

From reception and storage of materials in smart warehouses, to specific packaging depending on the characteristics of the product, we provide:

  • SMD lines prepared to assemble high complexity components.
  • Assembly of Through Hole components by Wave soldering and selective Wave
  • Conformal coating lines, in-line and off-line coating.
  • Electrical and functional tests equipment.
  • Burn-In cameras for product life tests.
  • Traceability systems at component level, with registration of each of the manufacturing steps and tests carried out.

Mechanical Assembly

We adjust our production capabilities to adapt to the needs of each client, that being an electronic assembly of a subset or a complete product assembly, which includes: assemblies of PCBA boards, plastic or metal components, motors and wire harness assemblies.

Product Upgrades & Obsolescense Management

We understand that effective obsolescence management is critical. In order to reduce the uncertainties arising from the volatility of the markets, maintain continuity and maximize profitability, we monitor, evaluate and control supply chain risk. We asses risks in process, control, supply & demand as well as environmental to identify possible disruptions in the supply chain and mitigate the possible effects making sure we implement the corresponding mechanisms of communicating and reporting.

Industries we serve

At P4Q Electronics we understand it´s crucial to be able to adapt and respond quickly to changes and opportunities that may arise in a global, dynamic and competitive environment and we work continuously with the purpose of improving our processes and efficiency in the face of these changes.

We promote the transfer of knowledge, technology and R&D via cross-functional teamwork of all our departments for the industries we work in and benefit of know-how management of key elements allowing us to generate added value to our technological products and our solutions.

Accounting for a solid experience of 20 years across diverse industries, offers and broad range of proven practices to bring to the table working with customers strategically, collaboratively and confidentially applying our cross-industry expertise and deliver high performance processes, products and innovations.

Strategic Industries


Automotive is a key industry for P4Q.

We look to establish strong relationships with our clients and be your trusted partner, helping to add even more value to your products by integrating electronics for interior and exterior trim, mechatronics and sensorial lighting solutions.

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The designs and maintenance of the electronic systems used in Railway are complex and are increasingly used to improve performance, communication and safety, as well as enhancing passengers experience.

In this respect, our electronic systems can be found in both onboard and infrastructure applications. Some examples are:

  • Chassis and sub-assemblies for traction system control.
  • Integrated frames for vehicle monitoring and control systems (lighting, doors, HVAC, etc.)
  • Communication and passenger information systems.


The industrial arena has been key to the creation and growth of P4Q. For almost 20 years we have worked with companies in the industry, offering services and customized solutions throughout the life cycle.

Relays, power meters and protection and control modules are some of the applications where P4Q electronics can be found.

We account for a reliable response capacity in operations and service along with a wide range of solutions; this enables P4Q to be a very important point of reference in electronic production.

We are industry leaders in production capacity, which together with the flexibility of our productive means enable us to deliver to our customer the high quality service that they demand, from low to high volume series.

Solar / Renewable Energy

In different forms at a technological level, and an indisputably effective way of contributing to Environmental Sustainability, is the use of on environmentally friendly energy such as wind or solar.

In this respect, P4Q works in both, with special relevance in photovoltaic and thermo solar technologies through our Suntrack solar tracking system.


P4Q provides solutions and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) for the marine sector where electronics has experienced significant growth with many applications, providing technological solutions adapted to this industry.

We work together with our clients to develop and enhance our products according to their specific requirements in this industry, to be able to guarantee reliable, robust and high technological solutions.

Aeroespace y Defense

We account for state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to manufacture highly complex electronic components for sectors with such high technical requirements such as Aerospace and Military.

Medical Equipment

Developments in the medical arena are constantly evolving and the demand for medical equipment continues to grow globally, with this, the increase in the need of high-reliability electronics that goes side by side. At P4Q we work with companies in this industry as their reference Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) for highly complexity products.

Lift Industry

Elevators, escalators and mechanical ramps are some of the products manufactured by our customers within the Lift Industry. Being elements designed to facilitate the mobility of people, the electronics associated with them must stand out for their reliability and durability, as guaranteed by the productive means offered by P4Q.

Smart Cities / IoT

The presence of interconnected systems increase and with it the need to manufacture the necessary electronics that allow communications and the management of large volumes of data. For these new applications, P4Q offers its extensive experience in electronics manufacturing of varied industries, thus benefiting this area of knowledge with the synergies of other industries.