One of our tasks is to provide the customer with guidelines for developing products which can then be manufactured and tested in line with times and costs.

We believe that it is during the prototype phase where this task assumes paramount importance since it is during this phase where changes can be made to the design which allows meeting manufacturability and testability objectives for the product. A product which has not gone through a DFM and DFT filter is a product which could run the risk of being costly during manufacturing.

With each prototype series P4Q sends the customer the DFM-DFT report on the improvements to be made and which have been detected during the manufacture of these prototypes. And there is no better experience than the actual manufacture of the prototype to detect these improvements. That is why P4Q reserves staff exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of prototypes.

A second study allows assessing second sources of supply in such a way that each reference can have at least two supply sources. This enables a considerable improvement in the price of materials and, at the same time, allows improving delivery dates in the event of occasional stocking problems.