Traceability is an essential tool for the complete control of the materials and processes as well as the resources which are involved in the manufacture of any product and electronic system.

Our traceability system is guaranteed by the incorporation of a unique identifier in each product.

This system is comprised of:

  1. Traceability of components and materials acquired from suppliers
  2. Traceability of components included in the product.
  3. Registration of each of the steps required in manufacturing operations
  4. Registration of the staff who undertake the operations, during both the productive and repair process
  5. Registration of each test performed on every product

The project was carried out in conjunction with the company Mentor Graphics (leader in traceability solutions for productive processes).

Traceability allows identifying products affected by quality issues in any of their components. This allows us to give a quick, safe and profitable response in the event of any manufacturing problem and enables us to improve customer satisfaction levels.

The system, called Manage, provides a complete control of the management of the electronic components and is used by the main manufacturers of electronics in the world. This allows us to achieve higher levels of profitability thus providing us with a unique set of tools which make up the cornerstone of our manufacturing, increasing the inventory rotation levels and providing complete traceability of the manufacturing materials and processes used in production.

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